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Download latest version of clash royale mod apk and enjoy best strategy game with unlimited money, gold, silver and gems. Ads and virus free.
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Clash royale mod apk has a very high fan following because it has some really great amazing gameplay for its players. Supercell is the creator of this game and they have introduced all the characters in this game from their previous game clash of clans. People who have played clash of clans, would have a better idea about every character in this game and their function. They basically introduced this game after the high success rate of clash of clans. Different spells are also added to increase the efficiency and power of the troops used in this game.

The gameplay of clash royale mod apk:

Clash royale mod apk has all characters from the clash of clans but the gameplay is totally different. If you have not played COC before and are new to this game, you don’t need to worry. This game is very easy to understand and quite interesting while playing.

You are provided with different resources to collect gems and gold. The gameplay revolves around the characters like giants, wizards, witches, goblins, skeletons, bats, archers, mega minions, Valkyrie, inferno dragons, balloons, golems, etc. and so many spells like rage, zap, clone, freeze, and lightning.

You have to set a deck of six characters including spells and with this deck, you will play your game. After winning the match you can randomly collect cards to upgrade the efficiency of any character. The game will start in an arena where the enemy will be on the opposite side with the red color of the crown prince and you will have the blue color of the crown and prince.

The player will release each character of his choice after a few seconds to defend his crown and destroy the opponent. This game is played with real strategy because victory depends on the set deck characters. And you can also download other amazing games like Ant Legion, castle clash, and clash of clans of the same category for more fun.

Features of clash royale mod apk:

This gameplay is very exciting and exclusive of its own nature that it will never let you close the game and you will keep on playing. Mod version increases its efficiency and provides you with exceptional features.

Unlimited gold and gems:

Clash royale mod apk will give ultimately unlimited gold and gems. You can now upgrade any of the characters to any level and can level up the game quickly. You don’t have to wait longer to upgrade and with powerful characters, you will easily win the arena.

High-quality graphics:

This game has some very high-quality graphics and you will really enjoy it while playing. The game is so smooth and the themes of the arenas are very appealing to the eyes. You can choose different themes while playing. This game is only accessible for kids at age 13 years and above because of so much devastation and ferocity in this game.

Infinite Gold and silver chests in clash royale mod apk:

If you win any match, as a reward you will randomly receive a gold or silver chest. These boxes contain different cards to upgrade the characters and make them stronger. These quests take hours to get open. If you want to open them immediately, you need to spend gems. Now by downloading this Clash royale mod apk you will receive unlimited gems and you can unlock these chests at once.

Play with anyone:

You can play clash royale mod apk with anyone from all around the world. This game can be played with only one opponent like 1v1 and two players can play with two opponents like 2v2. You can also play friendly matches with your clan friends.

Powerful cards:

After each gameplay and winning different arenas, you will ultimately get so many wild and other cards. These cards are basically for upgrading your character’s power. Whoever is your favorite among all, you will definitely prefer to upgrade it promptly.


Clans are basically to socialize you and make a group of some people to play with each other. You can make your own clan and invite other friends or otherwise can randomly join any clan of other players. You can also share different cards through the clan.

New troops:

You can unlock many new troops and characters. Unique troops require wild cards to get upgrades and you can get these through gold chests. Through the clash royale mod apk, you can have unlimited chests and cards.

Online watch other players’ matches in clash royale mod apk:

This game has a unique feature that now you can watch the gameplay of other players while attacking live on each other and can learn the best strategies of defense. If you have a better internet connection you can also watch TV royale anywhere.

Spells and characters:

In clash royale mod apk you have to set a deck of six where you can keep your favorite character soldier along with different spells. They will come one after another after a few seconds and these few seconds are required to charge the next one. This game requires a lot of strategy and observation to win. All characters in this game have their own distinctive abilities and features. By keeping in mind their performance you will release anyone in the battlefield by using some spell e.g. if you throw a rage spell on any soldier it will suddenly speed it up and performance will automatically double.

How to download clash royale mod apk:

Clash royale mod apk can be played both on IOS and android as well. To download the mod file, you simply have to click on the download button and the file will automatically start downloading. After downloading, simply install the game and enjoy playing.


Q. Is this game free to play or do we have to pay for playing?

Yes, this is totally free and you do not have to pay for it.

Q. Is this game safe from viruses and other malware?

Yes this game is totally safe to play and it would definitely not allow any kind of viruses, malware, and hackers to enter your system.

Q. Do we have to purchase anything like gems in this game?

Definitely NO, you don’t have to purchase anything in this game as this game is already a mod version, so you just have to download the clash royale mod apk version and enjoy everything.

Q. Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on PC by simply transferring the robot soul in your pc from your phone.


This is one of the best mind and strategic games which highly depends on the deep observation of the player. If a player is keeping eye on the moves of the opponent he will ultimately win the arena. I have been playing this game for a long time and this is my personal experience that you will really enjoy this game for its smooth gameplay and 3d graphics.

Besides that clash royale mod apk version will increase its fascination and you will get so much gold and gems at once. So now you don’t have to wait for upgrade time. Click the download button and enjoy.

What's new

• Various minor bug fixes and improvements


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