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Download latest version of castle clash mod apk and enjoy unlimited Money and Gems. This amazing strategic game is free of ads.
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In the past few decades, the trend of playing video games has vastly increased. Different people are playing different types of game and it totally depends on their choice. If someone is looking for a strategic game, you have come to the right place. Castle clash is the best tactical and mind game in which you have to carefully plan everything regarding the army and its management. It is a totally free game and now you don’t have to worry about gems, money and time because castle clash (Guild Royale) mod apk is going to provide you with some extraordinary features.

Game play of Castle clash mod Apk

Castle clash is basically a strategy game with a main town hall and some basic army. Actually you have to build the whole state with many buildings in it which will provide different things for your city. You can attack online to the base of any other enemy to collect gold, gems, heroes and other things to upgrade your base. In order to upgrade your main building, you have to collect gold through loot attacks on your enemy base. You can increase the number of your army by upgrading your base camp. This game also provides heroes with different skills.

Features of Castle clash mod Apk

This game has unlimited features regarding game strategy. With many upgrades, each time new features are provided to its player which makes it more exciting. Different new events start with a new update. These events are basically to engage players and he finds it so interesting and extraordinary.

There are following amazing features of castle clash mod apk.

Infinite money:

Castle clash mod Apk delivers the unlimited money to the player. Now you don’t have to attack the enemy’s castle in order to collect gold and money. You can upgrade your castle with unlimited money.

Unlimited gems and ad-free game version:

Through Castle clash mod apk, you will get infinite gems. Now you can upgrade your castle and other buildings in no time. This mod will also provide you the ad free version of game and now you can play Castle clash mod apk without any disturbance of ads.

Building upgrade:

Buildings can be upgraded in no time. Defense building always keeps the troops to protect your base and through castle clash mod Apk it will even defend your base when you are disconnected.

Game heroes and their shields castle clash:

This game has many heroes with different skills which provide you with the best defense while attacking in other bases. In case if your base is under attack they do provide you safeguard against enemies. Two new heroes Serratica and Kunoichi have been introduced in the game.

Every hero has a different kind of shield to protect itself from enemy attack. Angels and giants always use the rock, heal and gear up shields for protection. Succubus and paladin always use death lash, divine shield and hammer to protect themselves. These are legendary heroes. Werewolf and executioner always use rage, tremor and assassinate.

Army manufacture:

In this game, you will be given the choice of creating different armies in order to protect your base camp. In this huge army formation process, every kind of soldier has diverse qualities and capabilities to carry out safety of the base.

Game defense:

For making the camp more secure, one has to set the defense very wisely. Even generating trees and stones on the accurate place for hindering the enemy’s way, can be a major obstacle for them in attacking your base. You can customize your game setting as per your choice like notification and sound settings etc.

Heroes and pets:

Castle clash mod apk provides you with pets as well as heroes which will defend your empire. You can even make a separate building for your pets. Every pet possesses different kinds of abilities.

Builders and rewards:

To upgrade your buildings in Castle clash mod apk, you will need builders. Originally, this game only provides you only two builders for construction of buildings in game. Usually later on you can buy up to five builders in a game with gems. Through castle clash mod apk, you can get all builders at once with unlimited gems. This game also offers so many rewards for its players on a daily basis like gems, heroes etc.

Game Attacks:

You can attack on your enemy’s castle as well as on your friend’s base. Through attacking you will get 25% of the opponent’s resources. If someone else attacks on your base and you lose it anyways then in this case, you will get a protection shield of ten hours. So now up to ten hours no enemy can attack your empire.

Hero’s spell:

All the heroes in castle clash have very powerful spells. Each hero has its own very unique spell from the other one. If you have no idea about the functions of different spells and heroes, then you don’t need to worry about it at all. Castle clan provides you the testing mode for all heroes and spells. And you can also check one other strategic game State Of Survival for more amazing features.

Download Castle clash mod apk for android

It is very simple to download and install this game in android. Click the download button provided below and a simple game will be downloaded on your device. After downloading, directly install it and run the game app.

Download castle clash mod apk for IOS devices:

To download a mod file on an IOS device, you have to download the Tweak box app before that. After downloading the tweak box on your device, drag the castle clash mod apk file into the tweak box to run as like in android. For this installation, you must have at least the IOS 9 version, otherwise you can’t enjoy this game on your IOS device.

Download castle clash mod apk on PC:

For installation of this file in PC, you have to download blue stacks on your PC. Then simply download this file in blue stacks to enjoy unlimited features of this game.


Can we create a private server on Castle clash mod apk?

Yes, you can create a private server on castle clash to play with family and friends. You can also join the server of any other player in the game.

Can I download the castle clash mod apk file on my IOS device?

Yes, you can play it on an IOS device. However we have already discussed how you can download and install it on your IOS device.

Is this game safe for children under 16 years of age?

Yes, the game is overall safe for underage children as well but on the safe side they should avoid this game as its graphics can be invasive for them like devastation and demolition in the game.


So far, this is one of the best strategy games with appealing features for its players. Real fun is that you can attack any castle and other players can attack your empire as well but anyone who has the best strategy can face less loss. After playing castle clash mod apk , we have realized one thing that it has some kind of addiction and you will keep on playing it. Then please be careful and don’t spend all your time playing this.

Now download the game and have fun.

What's new

1. New game mode: Unearthly Clash
2. Bazaar: you can now watch videos to obtain rewards
3. New Dungeon difficulty (Hell Dungeon)
4. You can now spend Hero Coins to complete Hero Hiring tasks.
5. Increased maximum slots in the Heroes Altar by 1 (Max 156 slots).
6. Increased maximum slots in the Warehouse by 10 (Max 540 slots).



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