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Hay Day Mod Apk is one of the most loved farming games. In the category of farming, this game have a lot of features only for you.
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If you are looking for a calm, soothing and relaxing game, then you come to the right place. Hay day is one of the most loved farming games. In the category of farming, it is the best game so far. There are so many items that you have to purchase in the game and if you don’t want to spend real money, then hay day mod apk is your solution.

The game story of hay day mod apk:

It was launched in 2012 by supercell and till now more than 20 million people from across the whole globe are playing it. The creator of hay day and clash of clans are the same. Actually, the game is about living at a farmhouse and having that life. If you really want to spend that life, then this is the best game for experiencing that farm life. The Hay Day mod apk version makes it more interesting.

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This game is basically about farming and having so many pets at the farms. As a farmer in hay day, you are the owner of a small area. Your basic goal is to expand the area of the farm and to maintain its reputation through selling and purchase of different items, So With each level up you get a certain area to expand your farm.

To get fruits you have to plant trees and bushes. You can also unlock so many decorative items to decorate your farmhouse. Except that you will have your chickens, horses, donkeys, and other pets. You will feed all the animals and collect milk from cows and eggs from chickens. You will also plant so many machines to make different things like coffee makers, juice machines, etc. you will have so many fields to grow crops and harvest them.

Expand your farm:

You can trade your goods with other neighbors by truck, boat, and shop. By selling your goods and other items, you can earn gold to expand your land and unlock new machines and items. Therefore you have complete authority and control in the game of how you are arranging buildings, machines, pet houses, fields, and trees. With hay day mod apk you can expand your farm so quickly and swiftly.

Buy and sell items:

Sale and purchase is the main way to survive in this game. You have to generate goods like crops, eggs, milk, fruits, juices, and dairy products. After consuming a few things, extra things can be sold out in a shop or through boat orders, etc.

Level up:

For the level-up, you need to collect points. You get points through new things like planting trees, collecting fruits, and other items. In fact, through every progressive move, you collect level-up points. With each level, you get a certain amount of land to be unlocked.

Features of Hay Day mod apk:

Unlimited coins:

Coins are a very main currency in the game. You can buy almost things with coins. You can extend your land, can buy different crops, and can even sell them in coins, also open shops and new neighborhoods with this currency. Also, you can unlock the ship and fish area for fishing with coins.
To earn and generate the gold is very slow and time taking but now with the hay day mod apk, you can have unlimited coins and do whatever you want.

Unlimited diamonds

Diamonds are only to speed up the process of unlocking any area or completing of any building’s construction. At the start of the game, you get very few diamonds and later on if you want to buy, you have to purchase with real money. Now with hay day mod apk you will get unlimited diamonds as well and you can complete and unlock any land in seconds.

Unlimited seeds in hay day

Seeds are very important for the production of crops and some are very rare and expensive. In the game, you can grow new crops with seeds and sell them for coins. Sometimes you are left with no seeds to grow new crops then you go to the other shop to buy seeds. With hay day mod apk version, you will get unlimited seeds of different crops and you can grow crops with saving seeds.

Innovative farming game

This game is not innovative and creative regarding farming, harvesting, and selling different items. You will love to decorate your farm and manage different things. You will also learn to carefully utilize the space of land and to put every building, machine, tree, and field in the right place.

Unlimited xp in hay day mod

Xp points are usually used for a level upgrade for hay day mod apk. With this mod, you will get unlimited xp and your game level will be upgraded to 600. You don’t need to fill your trucks and boats for coins.

No-ads in hay day

Usually, hay day has so many ads in the original version and you have to wait till the end of the ad. Hay day mod apk is completely ad-free and now you can enjoy nonstop gameplay without any distraction.

Spin lucky wheel

Moreover, there is a lucky wheel and you have to spin it on a daily basis to get different rewards, Sometimes you win interesting items which you really needed at that time.

Roadside shop

There is a road shop outside your land and after downloading the game you will find it locked. It unlocks at level 17. It is a great place for selling items like eggs, different crops, fruits, juices, and many more things. From other people’s shops, you can buy any item for which you have storage.

Pets, plants, and trees

This game is so amazing and colorful that you would really want to play it nonstop. Greenery all around your farm is so soothing for the eyes. Except that you can have so many pets like cats, dogs, donkeys, and horses. You can buy all these in different colors as well. You have the option to name them as well.

Exchange with your friends

Barn and silo are the storage places of different items in the game so usually, people are seen to exchange for silo and barn upgrading items. You have to always upgrade them for more and more storage and can exchange different items with other players and friends for the things you need for upgrades etc.

Join clan and community

For better communication through chat, you have to join any clan. You can also make your own clan after spending some coins. By joining clans, you can buy and exchange different items from your clan members. You can easily request in a clan.

3D graphics of hay day

This game is so smooth and amazing while playing. It has 3D graphics with amazing eye-catching color schemes.

World wide availability

Hay day mod apk is one of the best and most played farming games all around the world. Furthermore, you can play with different high-level players from all around the world and communicate with them by joining different clans and talking to them through chat.

Totally safe | hay day mod

This game is so secure and safe to be downloaded on your devices. Before launching it here, we have already tested it on many devices because we always prefer the safety of our viewers.

No need to root your device

For downloading hay day mod apk, you don’t need to root your device. This game can be easily downloaded on any device without rooting.

Safe to install

This mod version is totally safe and free of all bugs and hacks. You can download it with full trust in us.

How to download hay day mod apk

Downloading this game is so easy.

  1. If you already have the original version of this game on your phone, immediately delete it.
  2. After deleting the original one, click on the downloaded button.
  3. Go to the settings of your phone and enable the unknown source.
  4. After downloading, simply tab the app to install it. Now open that app and your hay day mod apk is ready to play.

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This game is one of my all-time favorite games for many years because after playing it, you might have some sort of addiction for it. You would love to cure your crops, collect your eggs and fruits, and give food to your animals and pets. It is so amazing and you have full experience of farmhouse life.


What is the size of this hay day mod apk version?

The size of this version is only 182 MB.

Can I get unlimited coins, diamonds and xp through this mod?

Yes, you can get all the items like unlimited coins, diamonds and xp for free in this mod.

Is this mod version safe for phones?

Yes, this is totally safe as we have discussed above. This is free of all bugs.

Can I download it on my IOS device?

Yes, you can download it on your IOS device as well.

How can I update the game?

You just have to turn on your notification button and as the new update will be available, we will simply mail you to download the latest version from the provided link.

What's new

Bug fixes.



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