SURVIVOR.IO MOD APK (God Mod, Unlimited Money and Energy)


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15 March 2023
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Description Mod Apk is a must-try for people who love survival games and enjoy competition. This popular online multiplayer game requires players to gather resources, build shelter, and fend off dangerous creatures to survive on a deserted island.

The ultimate goal is to be the last player standing, and players can form alliances, trade resources, and betray each other to achieve this. With its intense gameplay, unpredictable outcomes, and player-driven strategy, the game requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and a willingness to take risks. It is easy to learn but difficult to master, and features regularly updated content to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

About Mod Apk Gameplay: Game play

It offers a simple yet engaging gameplay experience where players only need to tap the screen to move their character and avoid zombies. The objective is to collect as much biofuel as possible, which functions similarly to reloading a gun. As players accumulate more biofuel, the zombies become stronger and harder to defeat.

To succeed, players must keep moving and avoid getting attacked by zombies. The game keeps track of the score for each type of zombie, which contributes to the player’s level bar, and also provides statistics on the number of zombies killed and the amount of gold accumulated.

Also, download some more adventure games like Archery King (all unlocked), Super City (god mode), and Genshin Impact for amazing gameplay. Mod Menu / Unlock Premium Features:

Premium Features

Unlimited Ammo:

This feature allows players to have an endless supply of ammunition for their weapons, removing the need to reload or scavenge for more ammo during gameplay. This makes it easier for players to take down enemies without running out of bullets and gives them a significant advantage in combat.

No Reload:

With this feature, players can shoot continuously without having to reload their weapons. This is particularly useful during intense battles where every second counts, as players can focus on taking down their enemies without worrying about the time-consuming reloading process.

Unlimited Skills:

This feature allows players to use their skills or abilities without any restrictions or limitations. Players can use their skills as frequently as they want without having to wait for them to recharge or run out of use. This can make players more effective in combat and give them an edge over their opponents. Unlimited Money: unlimited money mod apk (2023) has an unlimited money feature, with that you can do free shopping and free purchases.

Unlocked All Premium Features:

All paid features are available for free.

Unlimited Coins:

Players have an unlimited amount of coins in this mod. Unlocked All Levels:

All game levels are unlocked and accessible, you don’t need to play the whole game to unlock them.

No Ads:

There are no advertisements displayed during gameplay. so you can play the game without interruption.

Unlimited Everything:

Players have unlimited access to all game resources and everything.

Face off against over 1000 monsters and destroy them all:

fight boss monster

Players must battle and defeat over 1000 monsters. In mod apk (unlimited energy) they can easily destroy them all. Other Features:

Some of the features include:

Battle Royale Mode:

Players must gather weapons, supplies, and gear to eliminate all other players and be the last ones standing.

Real-time multiplayer:

Players compete against other players in real time, with matches typically lasting a few minutes.

Multiple maps:

The game has a variety of maps that are different in terms of size, terrain, and available resources.

Customizable skins:

Players can purchase or earn skins to customize their characters and make them stand out from the crowd.

Weapon and gear variety:

Players can find a variety of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and more, as well as gear such as body armor, helmets, and backpacks.

User-friendly controls:

The game is easy to play with intuitive controls that can be customized to suit each player’s preferences.

In-game shop:

free shopping

Players can purchase in-game currency or skins to enhance their experience.

High-quality graphics:

The game has detailed, high-quality graphics that provide an immersive experience.

Download the Latest Version of Mod Apk:

download from unknown sources
  1. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  2. Download the MOD APK by clicking the Download button.
  3. Save the file in your device’s download folder.
  4. Install the downloaded file and wait for the installation to complete.
  5. Open the game and start playing immediately.


The mod apk offers a thrilling action-packed experience where players battle against monsters to protect the city and themselves. Players can use different resources, weapons, and skills to fight for survival and unleash their unique attacks.

With the mod apk (unlimited money, ammo, and god mode) available in this modded version, new players can easily overcome any challenge. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all the monsters and restore peace to the city. Download this game from our website for free and enjoy playing it.


Q. Is an offline game? is an online game that can be played in a web browser. As an online game, requires an active internet connection to play.

Q. Can you play on a PC?

A. For an engaging gaming experience, the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac is through the BlueStacks app player.

Q. Why does keep crashing?

A. In some instances, errors occur due to user mistakes. However, in the majority of cases, they happen automatically. problems are exceedingly uncommon. By implementing our recommendations such as clearing the game cache or reducing graphic settings, any issue can be resolved in just a few minutes.

What's new

- Friends system available
- Addeed local co-op challenge
- Eternal supply crates available again
- Survivor Shards have been added to the new Ender's Echo season!
- Added 5 new chapters and its respective challenge chapters
- Added Flowers in Spring and Easter Day events
- Added Lv.85-100 Growth Fund
- Added some achievements
- More special celebration events in store


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