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Punch Hero Mod Apk has unlimited money, gold, stars, characters and many other stunning features. Download and enjoy the professional boxing.
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13 March 2023
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You may remember your Nintendo system from the 80s if you are an old gamer. There will be a discussion about the popular boxing game Punch-Out. Gamevil developed this Punch Hero Mod Apk for its users to enjoy the unlimited features of the game. Furthermore, there are no 3D graphics, but it still has engaging gameplay and bright graphics. Comparatively, the gameplay of this game hasn’t changed much from 30 years ago.

Introduction to Punch Hero Mod Apk

Punch Hero Mod Apk is a free game for your Android and iOS operating systems. This fighting game is from Gamevil. It is famous for its well-renowned games for its users. My all-time favorite boxing game is this one because it’s so fun and addictive at the same time. Punch-Out game from the past was the inspiration for the game.

Nintendo produced its last arcade game series around the 1980s with this classic boxing game series. Thousands of spectators, fierce punches, shouts of boxers, and broken bones can all be found in this Punch Hero Mod Apk.


You must defeat 22 fighters in Punch Hero Mod. They each have different strong and weak points, as well as other personalities. Finding the weak points of your opponents is your job. Boxing skills are required, of course.

In a match, you need to be good both defensively and offensively. It is in your best interest to improve with more skills, traditions, and more aggressive opponents as you progress in the game. Gold rewards are available if you win. Additionally, you can use that gold to purchase training, skills, and customs for the upcoming match.

By purchasing in-app purchases, you can speed up the process. Despite this, we do not believe it is necessary since you can only purchase the next level’s customs.

Features for Punch Hero Mod Apk

Unlimited Gold

Purchasing character clothing and accessories with gold in the game’s premium currency. However, to earn gold, we need to beat numerous challenging levels that require lots of hard work. Thus, this modded version of this game, allows unlimited gold to use during the gameplay.

Unlimited Money

In addition to buying items, boxing equipment, and gold packages, money is an essential part of this game. Due to the fact that we are given a limited amount of money to spend. We can’t use premium items, so we lost the match against our opponent players.

Our original punch hero Mod Apk includes an unlimited money feature that will allow you to purchase anything from the game store.

Unlocked characters

Multiplicity is found here, as each character has different moves and unique strengths. Many powerful characters can unlock only by spending real money at the game store. Besides, Punch Hero Mod Apk lets you unlock max-level skills for all characters with a single click.

Unlimited Health in Punch Hero Mod Apk

The modded version of Punch Hero Mod Apk has this beneficial feature. This feature makes up for your health issues during the gameplay. Now there is no need to worry about your health. Also, you will never lose health, which ultimately leads to you winning every game.


The user-friendly design of Punch Hero Mod Apk makes it easy to use. Even children can play the game without difficulty since it is effortless to control. Because the game is somewhat violent. It is not recommended for children.

On Punch Hero Old Version, you can swipe left or tap for hocks, swipe upwards for uppercuts, and make upward swipes for jabs. It takes a few seconds for the screens to become active if you want the guard up.

Furthermore, you can move your hands and make many movements simply by touching the screen. For instance, you need to tap the screen quickly to get up whenever you are knocked down. Quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination are required for this game.

Real Boxing in Punch Hero Mod Apk

Observe, and you’ll find that this game simulates boxing techniques quite well. It’s excellent how developers slow down when you avoid a punch. Sometimes, a learning curve involves leveling up quickly since you must learn the skills first.

Except for a few odd opponents, this game doesn’t have any fake descriptions, sounds, or actions. Besides, it also serves as a means of learning the special terms used in boxing. The game is, therefore, perfect for fans of boxing.


Nothing is outstanding about Punch Hero’s graphics, of course. Those who appreciate the graphics of Gamevil’s games won’t disappoint by Punch Hero Mod Apk. Graphically, there are hundreds of different characters in this game, which is the game’s only highlight.

You can play Punch Hero as a boxer, but your opponent does not have to be a boxer. Additionally, the developer team came up with some funny identifying features for every character. Apart from the facial expressions, Punch Hero is also well known for its hit-and-run gameplay. There was much humor in this, and gamers found it engaging.

If you are looking for a professional visual design, you shouldn’t play this game. Punch Hero is the best game for entertaining if you want something funny.


The manufacturers also take care of the audio system. Punch Hero Mod Apk soundtracks are good, and screams are made when a perfect strike is made. Our favorite aspect of this game is also the sound effect. A sound effect must be the most important aspect of Punch Hero. It is done very thoughtfully and humorously. In addition, the volume can be easily adjusted and muted if needed.

How to Download Punch Hero Mod Apk

The download process of mod apk is very easy. Just follow the steps given below.

  1. Download apk file from the above download Button.
  2. Allow your device to download unknown sources from settings.
  3. install the game on the given instructions.
  4. Run and enjoy unlimited fun.

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Is Punch Hero Mod Apk a free game to play?

Punch Hero Mod Apk Obb is a free game. Further, this game allows the players to enjoy the unlimited features of the game that comes with it.

How can we download this Punch Hero Mod Apk 2023?

The complete downloading process for Punch Hero Mod Apk is mentioned above wholly. All you need is to follow these steps, and you are ready to play the game without facing any problems or issues.

Is this a safe and secure game to install and play?

Punch Hero Mod Apk comes with additional features that make it a completely safe and secure game.

What is the latest version of the game?

1.3.8 is the latest version being launched by the developers


You will spend hours playing Punch Hero Mod Apk , thanks to its many options and modes. When it comes to boxing games, no one can deny their importance and the attraction this Punch Hero brings with it. Apart from other game features, there is a zombie mode available to play during the gameplay.

Punch Hero Mod Apk Unlock All includes a lot of amusement in its skin tone and expression. Comparing it to traditional boxing games, it is stunning how different it is. It is available on all platforms. This game can be played on just about any mid-range smartphone. A version of the game is currently available for both iOS and Android devices.

What's new

Thanks for playing Punch Hero Mod Apk! In this version, we've made general improvements for a better gaming experience.



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