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Pubg mobile mod apk is trending because of its exceptional features which attract every age group especially teenagers. Enjoy Gaming.
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15 March 2023
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Pubg mobile is one of the most famous games nowadays and there would be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about it. Basically, pubg stands for (players unknown battleground). Pubg mod apk is trending because of its exceptional features which attract every age group especially teenagers.

This game was initially designed by a Korean company named blue-hole and then further developed by Tencent. Quantum studio and light speed further collaborated with Tencent. This game can be played on Android, IOS, and PC as well.

Pubg Mod Apk Game Play

Pubg is basically a shooting game. The best thing about this game is the supreme graphic and sound quality. You can talk to your co-players in the game lobby and during the game as well. Gameplay starts with a total of 100 players and each team lands at a different location on the map. After landing they start searching houses to collect guns, scopes, bullets, bags, medical kits, and whatever is available. The game revolves around survival by killing other teams.

Safe zone:

The game has one white circle and shrinks with blue waves from time to time and blue waves basically damage your health. For survival, you must enter in a white circle and avoid the blue zone area. If an enemy damages a player, he can boost his health with bandages, painkillers, and drinks but if the enemy knocks him down then another teammate can revive him and he will use a medical kit for health. A team that will kill all the enemies will win the game and have a chicken dinner.

Single and multiple modes:

Pubg mobile mod apk can be played in a single-mode, dual-mode, or in the squad. This game has four different location maps erangle, sanhok, miramar, vikendi, and karakin. It has many game categories like classic, Evo ground, arcade, and arena. These are further divided into minizone, quick match, Evo ground, sniper training, zombie infection mode, zombie dark night, and zombie survival till dawn. Training mode is different where you can practice with all the equipment and articles used in game-like vehicles, bombs, scopes, and guns to check their speed and recoil.

Pubg mobile mod apk Features:

This game seems and sounds so real that if you will start playing it, you will surely spend many hours in it. Its popularity is mostly because of its incredible features but pubg mobile mod apk will provide you with many more.

Aim through the wall:

Pubg mobile mod apk provides you with this incredible feature of aiming which means that now you can shoot your enemies through walls as well. They can’t hide anywhere from your aim. This will improve your kill ratio in the game. Now, this wallhack is also available in BGMI Wallhack cheat and that game is a regional version of pubg mobile global.

No recoil Pubg mobile mod apk:

Usually in pubg, if we try to kill an enemy for a long distance by using a scope, we miss the shot because of recoil in the gun. Recoil is basically a kickback or a backward movement when the bullet is fired. So with this amazing feature, you will feel no recoil and there’s no chance to miss your aim.

Location of enemies:

Pubg mobile mod apk allows you to know about the location of the enemies within the arena of 300km. So if your enemies are around you then you can easily locate them and kill them. Chicken dinner will be for sure.

No rooted device required :

For most of the apps, you need to root your device first which damages your device and the data as well. There is also so much chance of hacks and bugs entering your phone but for pubg mobile mod apk, you don’t need to root your phone.

New account for mod:

Never use pubg mobile mod apk for the old or original account because pubg mobile always keeps on updating the game and that can ban the original account. So for enjoying the best features of pubg mobile mod apk, always make a burner account and use the mod in this account.

Unlimited bp in Pubg mobile mod apk:

Battle points usually depend on gameplay and your performance in-game. You will get a higher bp if you stay long in the game, give more damage to the enemy, and maximum kills. Through this pubg mobile mod apk version, you will get unlimited battle points. Bp points are usually used for buying many things in-game. You can buy skin color, hair color, outfits, and many more things.

High graphics and sound:

It is famous because of its wonderful and smooth game. Its resolution is very high and the sound has perfect quality. Therefore the feature of voice chat and its quality is outstanding.


In Pubg mobile mod apk, this is the best feature so far. Usually, in pubg you have to finish all the enemies for chicken dinner which is quite difficult. Now with aimbot, it is not difficult at all. Aimbot takes aim at the enemy automatically and kills with unlimited bullets. You don’t need to collect bullets and exact aim.

Unlimited vehicle and gun skins:

By downloading this mod version of pubg, you will get unlimited vehicle and gun skins. You can also buy many clothes for your character.

Unlimited UC in Pubg mobile mod apk:

Pubg mobile mod apk gives a chance to get unlimited UC with all infinite features. Now you can buy all your favorite gun skins, vehicle skins, and mythic dresses, and can upgrade guns. You can buy a free royal pass and spin all the special items. In Fact, you can unlock all the royal pass features in a second which is amazing for all players. You can also download the best action games like Mortal Kombat and Dead Trigger 2 for more fun.

How to download Pubg mobile mod apk

The above-mentioned features are of pubg mobile mod apk and you can not find all these in the original version. So you can only download the game from the given link. So don’t waste your time downloading games from the play store. Simple download from here.

How to install pubg mobile mod apk version

Installation of this app from the provided link is very easy. It would be just like any other app installed on our phone. Firstly go to the phone settings and enable the unknown source. Now click on the link to download. After downloading, go to the download section and click on the app for installation. After installing it, your game is ready to play. Simply click on the app and play with your friends.


Pubg is famous all around the world. It is the most amazing action, strategy, and shooting game with so many challenges for players. It has been downloaded by millions of people because it comes with outstanding and tremendous gestures which I have already explained above. I have been playing this game for many years and it’s still my all-time pick. It is always updated on time with new items and if you want to enjoy the amazing features of pubg mobile mod apk unlimited UC, wallhack, and aimbot, click on the given link and enjoy the game.


Should I root my device for downloading this mod?

No, you don’t need to root your device for downloading pubg mobile mod apk. You can easily install it from the provided link.

Is there any difference between pubg mobile mod apk and original pubg?

No, as for gameplay there will be no difference except that the original game won’t be having all the features of the mod. You can enjoy all the mod features in the provided version of pubg mod apk.

Can I get unlimited gun and vehicle skins?

Yes, through the version of mod you will get unlimited gun skins and vehicle skins for free.

How will I update my game?

You will always get an updated version of the game from here. So wherever new updates will arrive, you just need to install from here again for the latest mod version of the game.

What's new

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Gear Front returns! Added 2 new awesome skills for even more strategic depth!
Firearm & Vehicle Improvements: Added the Honey Badger and 2-Seat Bike!
Polaris side-by-side vehicles have entered the battlegrounds!
Cycle 4 Season 10 begins with 4 new titles and a titles archive system. Complete missions to get Legendary items!


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