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Homescapes mod apk is the best time pass puzzle game and you won't get bored. in this game you will get unlimited features. lets enjoy!
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There are so many fantastic and appealing games all around us but if we don’t have a genuine time for game play like if a person is in a waiting area and he has only five minutes so this game play is perfect for him. Sometimes we want a game which could even be played without much concentration. Then you come to the right place. Homescapes mod apk is the best time pass in these cases and you won’t get bored.

Game story of homescapes mod apk :

Homescapes mod apk is intrinsically a captivating puzzle game with a game story of a character named Austin. He is a butler and he also has a cat. Austin went back to his childhood home after many years and he found out that the mansion is no longer the same as it used to be. So he has to redecorate it and do its interior accordingly. You are going to help Austin in this decoration.

Game play:

In this game, you have to solve the puzzle by matching 3 boxes of the same color either horizontally or vertically. To make a match of three same colors, you have to move out an adjacent different element either upward or downward in order to complete the task of three.

If you are matching more than three, it will create a power-up. Moving this power up to any side will create a blast taking away all the close boxes and new will take its place. It’s so helpful in puzzle games. By swapping two power ups with each other, you can also create so many helpful combos.

Sometimes in game, you have to remove the tiles given in between the boxes by matching columns and rows exactly. Other is to remove the jellies and to smash the cookies. So when you remove all the hurdles and level up, you will get one home decoration item for Austin’s house. It’s up to you to place the items properly and make the mansion more attractive. Also download and play Candy Crush and Merge dragons.

Power-ups in homescapes mod apk :

There are different power ups in the game, which are described below.

By matching five same color elements in the row, will result in a rainbow ball powerup. It will usually eliminate all one type of element.

If you combine the four elements in a row, then it will form a rocket power-up. Rocket power-up basically clears one column and row.

By matching five elements like in the shape of L or T, it will make a bomb power up. This power up usually clears so many elements in the surrounding area, after its blast.

If you combine four elements in the shape of a square then they will make a plan power-up, which usually free up the space of four nearby and one on the other side.

If we combine these powerups with each other, they will surely result in greater combos for the elimination of almost all the elements in the surroundings. This game is free to play, but in order to do it quickly, you have to buy power ups and levels with real money.

Features of homescapes mod apk :

This mod has so many awesome features. If you don’t want to waste your money to buy stars and gold in the game, then this mod version is best for you to play. There are following tremendous features of homescapes mod apk.

Unlimited stars:

Homescapes mod apk will give you unlimited stars which will automatically up the game level and you will get different items for austin’s house with each level.

Ad-free game play:

Homescapes mod apk provides you the adfree version of the game and now you don’t have to wait for ads to end up and continue your game again. You can play this game non-stop without any hindrance.

Unlimited gold in homescapes mod apk :

Homescapes mod apk will give you infinite gold and now you can easily buy and unlock all the secrets in the home immediately.

Play with your friends:

Best part of this game is that now you can invite all of your friends from Facebook. You can play with them. Friends can now pay visits to each other’s house.

Best puzzle game:

This is best for the people who like puzzle and mind games because you have to place the elements in the right place. Each move matters a lot and you have to carefully utilize all the provided moves by making lots of power ups and combos.

3D graphics in homescapes mod apk :

This game has some really cool and attractive graphics which eventually attracts the players. Game has amazingly smooth working. You will never be bored of this game.

Skip onerous and tough levels:

There are so many exhausting levels in the game but clearly you can pass over them with the homescapes mod apk version. You will get so much gold and stars to level up.

Secrets and mysteries:

Homescapes mod apk is a beautiful combination of puzzles and restoration of a mansion. With each level up, you unlock many mysteries and sectors of the mansion. If it would only be only a puzzle game, it might not have attracted so many people. Creators have carefully fabricated it in this way.

New characters:

Except Austin, there are so many other characters in the game who are playing amazing roles in the game. You will visit them in your neighborhood and end up learning so many new things from them.

Homescapes mod apk has so many animal characters as well. This is the best part of the game to have pets in the game. For unlocking pets, you have to complete certain achievements. With the homescapes mod apk, you can quickly unlock all the secrets of the game.

Explore your creativity:

This game provides you customization of all the items you get to decorate the mansion. You can choose colors, style and all items of your choice. Basically you are representing the decoration of all the rooms,kitchen, main-halls etc. this is the best way to explore your creativity. With homescapes mod apk (unlimited stars and gold) you can buy so many item quickly without waiting for so long.

Phone’s security:

This mod version of the game is totally safe and secure. Those who are actually worrying about the security of the phone, we have already tested the version. So simply click on the download button and install it without even a second thought.

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How to download this homescapes mod apk

Original game is not providing you the mod’s attributes. You can enjoy above mentioned mod’s characteristics only in homescapes mod apk version which can only be downloaded from the provided link here.
It’s very easy to download the game from the link given. Simply click on the link and download the mod version of the game. After downloading, go to the settings of your device and enable the unknown source from security. Simple click on the downloaded app and install it. After installation, homescapes mod apk version is ready to play.
So enjoy it.


Q. How can I install homescapes mod apk?

Installation and download of the mod version is quite easy but firstly you have to delete the original homescapes game from your device. After deleting the original one, you can download from the provided link. Further process is discussed above.

Q. Do we have to spend real money in this game?

If you are playing the original version of the game then sometimes you have to buy certain things from money, but through homescapes mod apk, you will get unlimited money and stars.

Q. Is this true that homescapes have more than 5000 levels?

Yes, homescapes have a total of 5071 levels.

Q. How will we update our apk version?

We have the latest version of the game. If any update appears, you will get the update of the game from here as well.


This game is so entertaining that if you once start playing this version, you will never quit it. I always play this game whenever I am free for even five minutes because it doesn’t take much. Homescapes mod apk version makes the game interesting that you keep on playing it day and night because of rapid decoration and renovation of the house. Except that puzzle side of this game is more alluring. If you really want to enjoy the game, a mod version is best for you.

What's new

• Save Emma's wedding!
• Change the character's style!
• Decorate the wedding venue!

• Help William join the Knight Club and decorate the yard with medieval decorations!
• Get the Knight's Castle decoration.

• Woolly Season! Use the Golden Ticket to get a cute little lamb!
• Help Betty improve her smart home and meet a robot butler!



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