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Game of Khans mod apk, developed by Clicktouch Co., Ltd., is an incredibly engaging strategy game that immerses players in a world of battles and conquests. From the moment you start playing, you’re thrust into the action with exciting graphics and a thrilling storyline.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter challenging enemies, epic battles, and exciting quests that will keep you coming back for more. With its dynamic gameplay, the game offers a variety of strategic options and allows players to create their own unique playstyle.

Moreover, the game’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and understand, providing players with an enjoyable gaming experience from start to finish. Whether you’re a seasoned strategy game enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, it offers something for everyone, and it’s sure to keep you hooked for hours on end.

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Game Of Khans Mod apk Introduction:

game of khans intro

In the Game of Khans mod apk, players must take charge of their associates and manage their roles within the realm. Apart from this crucial task, players must also focus on growing and nurturing their families while building a harem. This game is widely regarded as one of the best games on the internet as it provides a realistic experience of ruling as a king.

Battles play a vital role in advancing the storyline, and players must strategically plan their attacks to emerge victorious. Once players have assembled their armies, they can engage in automatic battles with historical leaders from various cultures. However, players should be warned that the battles are not a walk in the park and require strategic planning to win.

What is Game of Khans Mod Apk?

The actual game requires you to collect diamonds to unlock certain features and progress further. However, we have made modifications to the standard version of the game and created a new version called the “Game of Khans mod apk”. This modified version offers unlimited diamonds, allowing you to play the game without any restrictions.

Additionally, you’ll also have access to premium items for free, which would usually require payment in the original version of the game. Furthermore, the “Game of Khans mod (no ads)” is free of advertisements, ensuring that you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

Game of Khans Mod Menu:

mode menu (unlimited diamonds)

We have made modifications to the menu of the game, which is called the “MENU MOD”.

The following are the changes we have made to the game:

Game of Khans Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, gems and diamonds):

You will have access to an unlimited amount of in-game currency, allowing you to purchase any item you want without worrying about running out of funds.

Unlimited Gems:

You will have unlimited gems, which are a valuable resource in the game. You can use these gems to unlock special features and items.

Unlimited Diamonds:

Diamonds are a rare and valuable resource in the game. With our modifications, you will have unlimited diamonds, allowing you to access premium items and features.

Game of Khans Mod Apk Vip Unlocked:

VIP unlocked version of Game of Khans offers players access to exclusive items, increased earning potential, exclusive game modes/events, and enhanced customer support. These features enhance the overall gaming experience.

Unlocked Characters:

Normally, you would need to play the game and complete certain tasks to unlock new characters. With our modifications, all characters will be unlocked from the beginning of the game.

High Damage:

Your attacks will deal significantly more damage than they would in the standard version of the game.


With this modification, you will be able to defeat enemies with just one hit, making the game significantly easier.

God Mode:

You will be invincible with this modification, allowing you to play the game without worrying about taking damage from enemies.

Overall, these modifications will make the game more enjoyable and easier to play. You will have access to unlimited resources and will be able to progress through the game more quickly.

Game of Khans Mod Apk Gameplay:

game of khans (game play)

The gameplay revolves around fighting and strategy. Players must build their armies, conquer enemy territories, and defend their own lands.

Select Army:

Firstly, players start by selecting their army, which will consist of different units with unique abilities. Then, they must gather resources such as gold, wood, and food, which are essential for building structures and training troops.

Attack Enemies:

Once players have built their armies and collected enough resources, they can start attacking neighboring territories. This involves creating a battle plan and strategically deploying troops to defeat the enemy.

Use Special Abilities And Spells:

During battles, players can use special abilities and spells to gain an advantage over their opponents. For example, they can use a fireball spell to deal damage to a group of enemies or a healing spell to restore the health of their troops.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter stronger enemies and more challenging obstacles. They must continuously upgrade their army and structures to keep up with the increasing difficulty.

Defend Own land:

In addition to attacking enemy territories, players must also defend their own lands from incoming attacks. This involves setting up defenses and strategically placing troops to repel enemy forces.

Overall, the gameplay requires a combination of strategic planning, resource management, and skilled combat tactics. Players must constantly adapt to new challenges and make strategic decisions to ensure their success in the game.

Game of Khans Mod Apk Features:

game features
  • Historical-based gameplay
  • Strategic thinking is required to acquire wealth and land
  • Multiplayer mode available
  • Real-time battles and wars with other players
  • Customizable characters and weapons
  • Unique and exclusive items and resources available
  • VIP unlocked version offers additional perks and features
  • User-friendly interface and controls
  • Regular updates and new content are added frequently
  • Supports multiple languages
  • High-quality graphics and sound effects.

Game of Khans All Consorts:

All Consorts

In the game of Khans, consorts are female characters that can be recruited to help players with various tasks and battles. There are several consorts available in the game, each with its own unique abilities and strengths.

Here is a list of all the consorts in Game of Khans:


A consort who specializes in archery and has high attack damage.


A consort who excels at healing and support, providing players with extra health and buffs.


A consort who is skilled in magic and can cast powerful spells to defeat enemies.


A consort who is a fierce warrior and has high defense, making her a valuable asset in battles.


A consort who is a master strategist and can provide players with tactical advice to help them win battles.

Ming Yue:

A consort who is a skilled assassin and can deal massive damage to enemy troops.


A consort who is a diplomatic expert and can help players form alliances with other factions.


A consort who is a master thief and can steal resources from enemy camps.


A consort who is a skilled diplomat and can improve players’ relationships with other factions.

Wu Wei:

A consort who is a martial arts expert and can perform powerful melee attacks.

Overall, the consorts in Game of Khans provide players with additional support and abilities to help them succeed in the game.

Game of Khans Tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks for playing it:

Manage your resources:

In the game, resources such as food, wood, and gold are essential for building and upgrading structures, recruiting troops, and researching technologies. Make sure to manage your resources wisely and prioritize which structures and troops to upgrade first.

Recruit and train troops:

Building a strong army is crucial to winning battles and expanding your territory. Recruit and train different types of troops to create a balanced and formidable force.

Strategize your battles:

Before engaging in battles, scout the enemy’s camp and plan your attack accordingly. Use terrain features to your advantages, such as hills or forests, and consider the strengths and weaknesses of your troops and the enemy’s troops.

Complete quests and missions:

Quests and missions offer valuable rewards, such as resources, consorts, and equipment. Make sure to complete them regularly to progress through the game faster.

Join alliances:

Forming alliances with other players can provide benefits such as protection, resources, and assistance in battles. Look for active and reliable alliances to join.

Use consorts wisely:

Consorts offer unique abilities and strengths that can be valuable in battles and resource management. Make sure to use them strategically and consider their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Stay active:

It is a constantly evolving game with events, competitions, and updates. Make sure to stay active and participate in these activities to earn rewards and stay ahead in the game.

Download Game of Khans Mod Apk:

download from unknown sources
  1. Click the download button below the article to download the Game of Khans MOD APK / DATA file.
  2. Wait for a few seconds for the system to complete the download process.
  3. Enable installation from third-party sources by going to Menu > Settings > Security > and check for unknown sources.
  4. Once enabled, go to the “Download” folder in the file manager and click on the downloaded MOD APK file.
  5. Complete the installation process.
  6. Open the application and experience it as usual.

Note: Uninstall the original version or any other MOD version before installing the APK MOD.

Game of Khans Mod Apk Obb:

The OBB file is a data file that contains additional resources needed by the game to run smoothly. The OBB file is an expansion file that is downloaded and installed along with the APK file of the game. Here is an explanation of the Game of Khans OBB file:

Firstly, the OBB file contains additional graphics, sound effects, music, and other media files that are used by the game. These files are often too large to be included in the APK file, so they are stored separately in the OBB file.

The OBB file can also contain additional levels, game modes, and other content that is not included in the base game. This allows developers to release updates and expansions to the game without requiring players to download an entirely new APK file.

To install the OBB file, players must first download it from a trusted source and then extract the files to the correct folder on their device. The correct folder is usually located in the Android/OBB directory on the device’s internal storage or external SD card.

Overall, the OBB file in Game of Khans is an important component of the game that contains additional resources and content necessary for a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.


The Game of Khans mod apk is a historically-based game that challenges players to use their strategic minds to acquire wealth and land. Players must navigate various challenges and obstacles to advance in the game. The modified version of the game offers an advantage in the form of unlimited diamonds, which can be used to purchase various items and upgrades within the game.

To access this modified version, interested players can visit the website and download the file from there. With unlimited diamonds, players can enjoy a more seamless and enhanced gaming experience, with access to premium features and upgrades.

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1. Save the Dog
Swipe to draw a line that hopefully keeps the bees off the trapped dog!
2. Optimized some system features.
3. Fixed some bugs.


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