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People almost all around the world, somehow play different games in order to have some fun and time pass. It usually depends on the player’s choice of what kind of game he wants to play. If you are the kind of person who likes real tactics and strategic defense games, you are at the right place. Clash of clans mod apk is the ultimate strategic game with so much exciting and fascinating gameplay launched by Supercell. This game is still number seven in all over the world in its popularity after 8 years of its launching.

Game play Clash of clans Mod apk:

This game is still very popular even after 8 years of its launching because it keeps its players active with new updates every 3 months. Game play is quite interesting as you have to build your own village and make it harder for your enemies in every defense means. In order to make your base unbeatable for your opponents, you will provide safeguard through walls and troops.

You will upgrade your town hall through gold and elixir in order to unlock more new game features. Player has to establish many new buildings in the base e.g. like camps for army, gold mines, elixir mines, elixir storage, builder barrack, laboratory etc. after setting your base, you will start attacking to another player’s village for more gold and elixir. Your heroes will help you while attacking and if someone else attacks your base they will still defend your base. While reading this download Clash Royale and King Of Avalon for more fun.

Features of Clash of clans Mod apk:

Usually in clash of clans, your game level will go up slowly because it takes much time on upgrades of billings and if you want to do it at once it needs gems. Clash of clan mod apk provides so many exciting features that you will start enjoying the game in the start and you don’t need to wait longer for upgrades and troops training.

Infinite gems and gold:

Clash of clans mod apk provides its players unlimited gems and money. Now you will promptly upgrade any building, town hall or heroes in no time. It will boost up your game and you will surely be tougher for your opponents. You can upgrade all the walls of your village to maximum level in no time. Your base will be ultimately toughest for opponents.

Clans and its perks:

You can randomly join any clan or can make your own clan. After joining any clan, now you will be able to participate in clan wars and can get so many perks of participating in war. Except that you can challenge your friend for a friendly match for more improvement. If you will continuously lose clan war, it will eventually lead to demote clan level. For clan war preparation, a total time of 24 hours is usually provided in order to fill in troops for defense. Number of stars will be counted for clan win.

Unlimited elixir /dark elixir:

Clash of clans mod apk provides you unlimited and infinite elixir and dark elixir which is obviously not possible in the original game. You can now build and upgrade your base immediately.

Save your time:

Clash of clans mod apk provides you buildings and heroes upgrade in no time. So a player can reach the maximum town hall level in an almost short time period as compared to others. This version works through private servers so it grants you the greatest and smooth performance.

Upgrade heroes in Clash of clans Mod apk:

Heroes in the game are barbarian king, archer queen and grand warden. Usually upgrading heroes takes so much time in this game but with the unlimited gems, elixir and gold you can upgrade your heroes in just minutes. Every hero has its own special power and characteristic in game.

Single player goblin missions:

These missions are usually provided in the game and unlocked with the game upgrade. Now you do not need to chase these missions and all these missions will be unlocked eventually with this mod apk.

No root device required in Clash of clans Mod apk:

There are so many other mod versions of this game available on google which require a rooted device. Rooting a device is very dangerous. So this clash of clans mod apk doesn’t require a rooted device and anybody can download it.

Game updates:

Clash of clans was launched in 2012 by Supercell and suddenly became so popular among its dedicated fans. Up till now many upgrades have been introduced in the game to make it more and more attractive for players. Game is not dormant and it always keeps changing with regular quarterly updates. It keeps its players very active.

Troops training time improved:

With new updates, they have improved the game so much. In the start if a player has to train a troop like peka it used to take forty times minutes but with new upgrades it takes only few minutes. Now Heroes upgrades are also easy and don’t take much time.

Clash of clans world championship:

Each year Clash of clans world championships are organized among the players of all around the world with a prize of one million dollars for the winner.  It’s not a casual game anymore and people find it very exciting with some real adventure.

Private server:

Clash of clans mod apk totally works through private servers and players can enjoy all the paid features for free of cost.  Private server doesn’t allow multiplayer mode because it only works on the original server but can play with your friends through private servers. There are some most popular servers of clash of clans mod apk including Clash of souls, clash of magic, clash of light apk and FHx private server. These are so far the best and most popular servers with millions of downloads. These are flawless, reliable and have no bugs. Each server comes with its own distinctive features and supports different devices.

How to download clash of clans mod apk

For downloading clash of clans, you will have to enable security settings in your device. After that you will click on the download button. Locate the file from the download section. Click on the app and install it. Now you are ready to play the game.

How to download in PC

If you want to download in your system, you have to install blue stacks on your PC. Now open the link in blue stacks. Download and install your game. Tap on the app and it’s ready to play.


Can we get unlimited gems and elixir through this mod?

Yes, this version of clash of clans mod apk provides you unlimited gems, elixir and dark elixir.

Can we play this game on any device or system?

Yes, you can play this game on any device including android or IOS. You can also play it on your PC after downloading the emulator.

Does this mod apk version require a rooted device?

No, you don’t need to root your device for downloading clash of clans mod apk.

Can I get banned after downloading it?

No you cannot get banned after installing this game because this version is free of all kinds of bugs. It’s a private server. So you don’t need to worry and just enjoy your game.

Can we receive new updates from the game?

This version is already the latest one. You will still get an upgraded version from our website. We keep on informing you with all new updates.

Are these private servers trustworthy?

Yes, these are totally safe and trustworthy.


If you want non-stop gameplay with unlimited gems and elixir then clash of clans mod apk is your solution. You can wonderfully win all the games and upgrade your town hall to maximum level and can upgrade your town hall to max level in no time. You can also upgrade walls and buildings without waiting for days.

Therefore you can beat all the old players in just a few minutes because you have the best upgraded troops. This version of mod is free of bugs and you will really amaze while playing. So just click on the download button and enjoy the game.

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